Dadri lynching is all about killing of a man not animal

Posted on: Jun 01, 2016 02:59 PM IST | Updated on: Jun 01, 2016 03:01 PM IST

A ‘gem’ has just fallen from the mouth of so-called ‘Yogi’ Adityanath also a BJP MP.

The BJP’s hatemonger lawmaker says that slaughter of cow is a greater sin than manslaughter.

Dadri lynching is all about killing of a man not animal

Dadri lynching is all about killing of man not animal

Just thinking how can we stoop so low?

The lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri was all about killing of a man and not animal.

And why we are even debating whether meat in the Akhlaq’s fridge was ‘beef’ or anything else, instead of discussing and debating exemplary punishment for the ‘inhuman’ humans who caused an innocent’s death.

As the Mathura forensic lab report is suggesting that the meat in Akhlaq’s home was beef, the sick minds amongst us have started questioning the compensation and other benefits given to the bereaved family.

The ex-gratia to Akhlaq’s family was given after the killing of the family member in brutal mob attack and how does it even matter if the meat was beef?

The timing of the leak of the report is also questionable keeping in view the Uttar Pradesh Assembly in early 2017.

Who wants to take leverage on the basis of this beef/mutton issue is not hidden from anyone.

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The new lab report from Mathura has raised several questions.

One, when the first lab report in Noida confirmed that the meat was mutton and not beef, then what was the need for sending the sample for second testing?

Second question is whether the meat sample sent for re-testing did belong to the first sample and if not then why?

According to a report, a senior police officer on Wednesday said that the sample sent to Mathura lab was taken from a Tiraha (Trijunction) near Akhlaq’s residence in Dadri.

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Now a new question has cropped up here. Why police or other investigating agencies took the sample from ‘other’ place when in actually the sample should have been taken from Akhlaq’s home?

Also, at this stage one cannot rule out ‘political’ angle in the whole beef/mutton affair.

Let’s us hope justice prevails and we should debate the exemplary punishment against the accused so that lynching of another Akhlaq is prevented.

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed in the article is the personal view of the author.

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