Dear Irrfan Khan, just because Kangana Ranaut is successful doesn't mean she has to be a 'hero'

Posted on: May 12, 2016 10:56 AM IST | Updated on: May 12, 2016 11:34 AM IST

Kangana Ranaut has been in the news for quite a long time now. Her clashes with exs followed by explosive interviews has landed her on the top twitter trends in the recent days. The lady is in news again, this time for a sarcasm her co-star threw at her. In a recent press conference, bollywood star Irrfan Khan said, “Kangana has gone so out of reach that I will work with her only if I wish to be a heroine. So if a script comes along wherein she plays the hero and I the heroine, I will do it,”. All the media houses are lauding the kind of sarcasm that Khan threw on Kangana. Whether it was a praise or a taunt is to the personal interpretation of people.

What strikes me the most about the statement is the sheer presence of patriarchal mind-set in the industry. Not targeting Irrfan Khan on this because maybe he said it in a good humorous way. But, wait! Does that mean the women in the industry are subordinates or are subsidiary to the men. So, if a 'heroine' has become big enough for the other actors, why are we branding her as a 'hero'? Why can't she still be a 'heroine', maybe because women can't be more successful than a man?

Dear Irrfan Khan, just because Kangana Ranaut is successful doesn't mean she has to be a 'hero'

Irrfan khan's statement on Kangana Ranaut reflects our patriarchal mindset.

Kangana Ranaut who has been branded to be a witch, a psychopath and been called many other names and yet has faced the world boldly is a woman of substance, she doesn't need to be called a man for her bravery. It's so disturbing to see how we degrade womanhood by snatching away the ability to be fierce and bold in our society. Irrfan's statement doesn't reflect bad on him and isn't getting much attention from the so called 'feminists' as well but as they say, no reaction is also a reaction.

For a leading bollywood star to make such a statement reflects how the patriarchal mentality is rooted deep in our minds and no reaction to this statement shows the kind of acceptance we all have for such a mind-set. Let's get one thing clear, if a woman is outshining the men in the industry she doesn't need to be called a hero. And to people lauding Irrfan for making such statements should know the difference between praise and 'patriarchal reinforcement'.

High time our society understands that calling a daughter your 'BETA' when she achieves good isn't helping the cause. Let them be successful and women at the same time. PERIOD!

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