Not Naxals, police fear RSS, Bajrang Dal: Family of suspended cops

Oct 18, 2016 09:34 AM IST | Updated on: Oct 18, 2016 05:58 PM IST

Family members of suspended police officers handovered a memorandum to IG G Janardhan in connection with the bashing of RSS volunteer Suresh Yadav following which six police officers were suspended.

Suresh has been accused of posting a controversial comment on Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi on social messenger WhatsApp.

In the memorandum they have described the whole incident and said that ASP Rajesh Sharma had gone to arrest Yadav along with police force.

But Suresh did not listen to him and misbehaved with him as well as other staff members. Moreover, his supporters manhandled cops and Suresh ran away from the spot. Later, cops chased him and took him into custody. He threatened cops of dire consequences and said, "You did not know who you are arresting, we can even topple PM and CM."

Female members of cops' family have alleged that now, police do not fear Naxals anymore rather they are in fear of RSS, Bajrang Dal, Gau Raksha Samiti and BJP workers. How justice could be ensured under such circumstances?

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They have demanded withdrawal of case against the cops who have been accused of bashing RSS pracharak Suresh Yadav and asked the senior officials to look into the matter.

Wife of a cop, Rekha Vijaywar, claimed that the case was registered against the cops under pressure. "Now we will bring the case forward as they(suspended cops) cannot do anything in this regard. We will see what government will do for policemen?" she added.

Taking note of the memorandum, IG said that a team has been constituted to probe the matter admitting that some women came with the complaint. He said they have forwarded the complaint to SIT.

In Balaghat’s Baihar area, a complaint recently was lodged with police after RSS volunteer Suresh Yadav who allegedly made a controversial comment on Member of Parliament Asaduddin Owaisi on social messenger Whatsapp.

ASP Rajesh Sharma and TI Jia-ul-Haq had gone to arrest Yadav along with police force.

The TI and his personnel are accused of beating up Yadav during arrest and subsequently at police station in which the RSS volunteer reportedly sustained serious injuries and was hospitalised afterwards.

Tension had gripped the area following protests from Yadav supporters.

Afterwards ASP Rajesh Sharma, TI Jia-ul-Haq and six policemen were suspended for the bashing incident.

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