Two students launch company to bring Iron Man's JARVIS to life

Mar 03, 2014 02:52 PM IST | Updated on: Mar 03, 2014 02:52 PM IST

In a bid to change the way PCs are used, two computer science students in their early twenties are mulling to introduce the idea of 'artificial intelligence' using which a person can ask their computer to do things for them.

Inspired by Iron Man, two Indian technologists -- Delhi-based Chirag Dewan and Jaipur’s Himanshu Vaishnav-- want to play Tony stark in their real life. Their intelligent assistant is called 'Jarvis' for which 10 people in their company are working from different countries.

Two students launch company to bring Iron Man's JARVIS to life

While start-ups around the world are working on solutions that make input methods for computing more natural, Jarvis Corp is working on an entire operating system that is fully automated and learns as it goes. It will interact with the user with the help of voice and gestures along with traditional input methods, a report in Financial Express said.

At the core of Jarvis is artificial intelligence, which the duo think can change computing for ever.

“From the origin of operating systems, everyone has been following the same thing. All of them have the same internal structure with a similar skin and flesh. With each new version of an operating system we are just seeing a new set of features being added to this legacy,” Dewan told Financial Express on a Skype call from the US.

He added that Jarvis is a totally redesigned OS. “We are not changing the paradigm, but we will change user experience for sure.”

"You will communicate with the system as if it is an individual,” Vaishnav told Financial Express, adding that their primary objective is to give the users a companion so that they do not think they are using a machine.

However, the duo are not planning to introduce it on mobile first. They have in fact declined a $2 million investment from Samsung as the company asked them to make a mobile version first.

"We declined that as we didn’t want to lose focus on what we are planning to do. I know it sounds stupid that a startup is declining offers, but we would like to choose partners carefully,” Dewan told Financial Express.

The company has set a deadline of 18 months from the time they get the first level of funding to come out with the first version.

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