Government school teacher hides in toilet, makes MMS of 18 girls

Feb 13, 2014 09:09 AM IST | Updated on: Feb 13, 2014 11:14 AM IST

In a case of sexual harassment, a male teacher of a government school reportedly made an obscene MMS of over half a dozen students after entering girls toilet on Tuesday.

A complaint has been filed against accused against Kamlakant Pandey, a Sanskrit teacher in Indira Niketan High school, in Rail bazaar police station on Wednesday, reported Jagran.

Government school teacher hides in toilet, makes MMS of 18 girls

The girls have claimed that Kamlakant had in the past also, violated their privacy by entering the girls toilet. On 7 February, the girls had approached the principal with their complaint against him. Whether any action was taken against Kamlakant by school authorities is unclear.

When Kamlakant learnt about the complaint, in a fit of rage, he hid himself inside the girls toilet on Tuesday and as soon as they entered, he clicked photos of at least 18 girl students, all studying in 9th standard. Seeing him there, the girls panicked. They snatched his phone and deleted the photos, said the report.

Angry with the incident, the girls complained to their parents who reached school premises on Wednesday. They created an uproar over the incident and demanded the teacher be sacked.

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